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Precizne informacije o ispunjenju media plana, učestalost reklamiranja na TV-u i u štampanim medijima.

Prisutnost konkurencije i poređenje zakupljenog medijskog prostora.

Računanje finansijske isplativosti zakupljenog medijskog prostora.


Broadcast Monitoring of Advertising is a service which includes monitoring of advertising in all print and electronic media (24 hours a day), in order to be able to verify scheduled transmissions of ads according to contracts with broadcasters. Arhimed uses computers to track the media and recognise the digital fingerprint of the TV or radio files.

If the computer has heard the ad before, it counts the incident. If it’s a new campaign, a person views it and categorises the commercial before filing it in Arhimed’s database. The content data is then matched up with estimates of how much the ad spot cost to air.

Arhimed’s software solution for broadcast monitoring of advertising enables you to

  • Verify scheduled transmissions of ads according to contracts with broadcasters (ad tracking)
  • Offer automated broadcast monitoring of advertising and playout verification
  • Eliminate the pain of manually searching through day’s worth material for advertisements
  • Analyze advertisement competitors to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • Detect precisely when and where your content is being used in Montenegro
  • Maximize gains and overall efficiency by building quick & precise reports depending on your requirements